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04/16 The Age of Greed: Keeping the Public in the Dark About Dangerous Products
04/15 What’s Good Enough for General Motors…
04/14 The Victims of EPA’s Retreat from Enforcement

Letting Nature Work / Ecosystems

testA number of CPR Scholars are advocating an "ecosystem services" approach focused on restoring and maintaining the natural resources that protect public values.

12866 @ 20 /
Eye on OIRA

testExecutive Order 12866, from which springs OIRA's vise-like grip on regulation, turned 20 in October. CPR Member Scholars marked the occasion with a blog carnival.

Achieving Democracy /

testJoseph Tomain and Sidney Shapiro's latest book examines the dynamic nature of contemporary government and the future of the regulatory state.

Contingent Workers /
Worker Safety

testAccording to a CPR White paper, day laborers are often at their employers' mercy when it comes to safety on the job. And mercy can be in short supply.

Saving the Chesapeake

The largest estuary in North America, the Chesapeake Bay is home to more than 3,600 species of plants and animals. But after years of pollution abetted by political failure, the Environmental Protection Agency has forced the issue, imposing new pollution limits in cooperation with the states in the region. Read about CPR Member Scholars' work to save the Chesapeake.

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